Cod in a tomato sauce

Everyone knows that fishing needs patience, as sometimes the fish just don’t want to get caught. But for this recipe, provided to us by Turkokken, you don’t need much more luck than getting a small fjord cod on the hook. With some chili and cayenne this recipe will also warm you up if you have been standing around the lake for too long.

You need

3-400 grams of cod fillets, or what the catch of the day might be
2 cloves of garlic
1 can of chopped tomatoes, preferably spiced with oregano and basil
1 can of mussles in water
1 cube of vegetable stock
1/4 Red onion
1 Spring onion


To spice it up:

For frying:
Olive Oil

How to

Start by frying the garlic for a few minutes in a good dash of olive oil until it begins to get blank, keep the burner quite low. Then add the can of chopped tomatoes with oregano and basil together with a cube of vegetable stock.

Let it simmer for 5-10 minutes and then add salt, chili and cayenne to taste. The road to success with this meal goes through the cayenne as there is no turning back once you've crossed the line! Cayenne comes as an afterburner effect so start small and then wait a bit before adding more.

When you are satisfied add the onions and the cod and mussels. Bring it to boil, put on the lid and put aside. Keep it warm until the fish has cooked.

Serve with pasta and / or a good loaf. 


For more recipes from Turkokken, please visit his website.

We recommend the Eta Insulations bag when you need to keep the food hot or when you want the food to settle or after cook in the pot.

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