Corn pancake with wild meat

You do not need to dry anything at all to this meal, everything can be bought in stores! Cornmeal can be found at health food stores or in oriental grocery stores. The meat can be found at most supermarkets and egg powder is available on the Internet and is a good ingredient to store at home. Personally I like to roast a thick pancake, but also try to fry two pieces thinner.

You need

1 dl cornmeal

0.5 tsp baking powder

1 pinch salt

0.5 tbsp sugar

1-2 tbsp powdered egg

1.5 dl water

 0.25 dl Ghee or butter for frying

50 g of dried reindeer meat / wild chips

 3 tbsp cream cheese

How to

Before leaving home, mix all dry ingredients in a bag.

When time to eat, pour water into the bag and shake until all the powder has dissolved, alternatively whisk in a pot if you have a whisk with you. Fry a thick pancake on both sides.

Serve with dried meat and cream cheese (or sliced cheese and butter).


This recipe is from the book Fjällmat by Eric Tornblad (ISBN: 9789186773557)