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To the end of the trail and beyond

Our new Eta range has an efficiency rate that's nearly doubled compared to conventional stoves. Less fuel to carry is good for your purse, your back - and the environment. Scroll down and learn more about the future of eco-friendly outdoor cooking.

"All of us that spend time in the great outdoors have one thing in common: we want hot meals as quickly and smoothly as possible. But older types of portable stoves have suffered from significant heat loss, forcing you to carry more fuel than what should be necessary and to accept lengthy boiling times. 

During the development of our new Eta series, we went back to the drawing board and reviewed every aspect of the stove: How do we make the burner, the windshield and the pot work optimally together? How do we get your LP gas to last almost twice as long, by reducing heat loss and heat-up time?

We solved the challenge. Every Eta stove offers you an unsurpassed user experience, a maximized efficiency rate, and minimal environmental impact. Find your favorite and you'll have a friend for life."

-Eric Svartström, Head of R&D 


The secret behind eta

A conventional stove has an efficiency rate of approximately 40 percent. The secret that enables Eta stoves to achieve an efficiency rate close to 80 percent, is a combination of three innovations that will let you enjoy more food or bring fewer LP gas cartridges to reduce the weight you carry.


The burner is optimized for the new generation of fuel efficient pots with heat exchangers. The windshield adds stability to the stove as well as protection that make for more even cooking. The built-in heat exchanger has been improved for better protection, raising the efficiency further. 


For adventurers, every ounce of energy counts

We wanted to show the difference between an Eta stove and a traditional stove, so we took photos of them using an infrared camera. A traditional stove has an efficiency rate of 40 percent and the image clearly shows that the heat is not spread effectively in a lot of the hot areas; while the Eta stove retains the ‘hot smoke gases’ more effectively, allowing as much of the energy as possible to be used for cooking the food you depend on during your adventures.



Our most versatile, fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly stoves are based on the concept of total overall weight. Your pack will be lighter as you can take less fuel with you than before. Eta stoves also have a specially designed windshield and come with heat exchangers, making them the best solution for people who want to cook food quickly and safety - and not only boil water - in every kind of weather.


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