With a Primus Multifuel Kit you can transform your gas stove to a multifuel stove. Learn how in this video.

How to mount a MultiFuel-kit to a gas stove

Our multifuel stoves can run on several different fuels, from gas to kerosene and when needs must in an emergency – even aviation fuel - our OmniFuel, MultiFuel and OmniLite Ti even run on diesel if required. However, the fuel that is most suitable depends on more than one factor, and depending on where in the world you find yourself, you may find certain types of fuel difficult to get hold of.

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How to use a multi-fuel stove

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Spider Stove/Express Spider Multifuel Kit


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  • Description

    This Multifuel Kit transforms your Spider Stove Set or Express Sprider Stove to a multifuel stove. This kit is compatabile with newer Spider gas stoves purchased within the last year (from 2013). This upgrade gives you the option of using liquid fuel including, naphtha fuel and lead-free petrol, and , in case of emergencies, even kerosene. The kit contains a 0.35-litre fuel bottle, an ErgoPump, a multi-tool with a cleaning needle and jet nipples. A practical storage bag is included.
  • Details

    • Effect (W): 1500
    • Boiling time 1l PrimeTech Pot / Regular Pot: 3:35 (+preheating 45-60 sec)
    • Weight (g): 243
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