Efficient Cooking

We have long invested in the development of environmentally friendly and fuel-efficient stoves with our ETA-technology. But you as a user can also do a lot to reduce your carbon footprint and your environmental impact when you are out on adventures.

Here are ten ways to save on both the environment, fuel and money:

  1. Put the lid on. Boiling goes faster with a lid.
  2. Aluminum pots with heat exchanger is the most efficient. Together they shorten both boiling time and fuel consumption by about a third.
  3. Choose food that cooks quickly. Such as spaghetti or other pasta.
  4. Small pieces are better. Divide the food into small pieces that cooks quicker.
  5. Don't go all the way to boiling. Allow food to finish up on the after heat, feel free to use the insulation bag.
  6. Reduce the effect. When using a maximum of about 3/4 of the heat of the stove you take advantage of the energy in the best way.
  7. Protect the stove from the wind. Place it out of the wind and use the wind screen.
  8. Gas is good. Gas needs no preheating and is more efficient than liquid fuels.
  9. Save the heat. If you get an excess of hot water, save it in a vacuum flask for the next meal or a cup of tea. 
  10. The right combination gives the best effect. Do not use a small pan on a large burner.


Happy Efficient Cooking!

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