Be the highlight of the Winter party


It doesn’t matter what kind of Christmas party you’re going to, everyone loves spending some time in nature in front of a trekking stove with homemade mulled wine, freshly baked buns and gingerbread with blue cheese and figs.

According to us, the Swedish mulled wine called “Glögg” is among the tastiest there is, especially if you do it yourself and you can enjoy it together with friends in the outdoors.  Therefore, we have created a quick Glögg-recipe that you can do on site and that everyone can drink! The scent will attract all fellow hikers nearby so we recommend you to double the recipe!

This is how:

Pour a bottle of non-alcoholic blueberry in the pot.
Add one large cinnamon stick,
Six cardamom kernels,
Four cloves,
Two pomeranian shells
One star anise
and one piece of ginger
Warm up slowly and add raw sugar, spoon by spoon until you find it sweet enough.

Serve with almonds, raisins and diced figs!

If you’re an advanced Christmas party guest, prepare and bake saffron buns and gingerbread at home the day before! Pack some glazing in different colors for the kids to decorate their gingerbreads with. And allow yourself to lean back and enjoy sweet buns, gingerbread with blue cheese and fig topping and too much “Glögg”.