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With the launch of our new campfire range we combine our love for outdoor activites with our appetite for tasty food. The range embodies the same level of outstanding engineering and design as our award winning Expedition and Trekking stoves, but focus more on the social and culinary aspect of outdoor cooking. Campfire meet the demands of friends and families, as well as the gourmet chef who wants to take his or hers culinary standards to new heights.

Thanks to smart Scandianvian design and honest materials, our new Campfire products takes outdoor life and cooking to new heights. There is a whole new range for you to explore - From Tupike, a stove made for generations; Onja, our most compact two burner stove; Kinjia, designed to be carried along; to cutlery cookware and cooking tools.



Reason to get out

If a trekking stove is something in the middle of a pack list for the well-planned adventure, the new Campfire can be the goal itself and works as a reason to get out. Just see if the sky is blue, chuck the camping stove in the car, pick up your friends and off you go on a nice day or weekend trip."

-Per Wååg, Product manager


Time for the things you like

Since the invention of the portable stove in the 19th century, a variety of designs have seen use in a number of different ways. "We wanted to come away from the conventions that has been characteristic for the two-burner stoves," says Eric Svartström, head of R&D.

To be able to re-invent an existing product, the team teamed up with chefs and food connoisseurs.  "We looked deeply into functions, materials and of course on the details. And then we did it again. And then again. The result is not only new two-burner stoves but also a whole range of inspiring lifestyle products that can give you memories for the rest of your life," he continues.

The stoves are big enough to manage advanced cooking, yet also light and compact enough to be carried in one hand and fit in a car boot or kayak. It’s all about spending your hard earned time with people and things you like.


120 years of experience

The campfire news is something that generations can gather around, and they can do it for generations. We have more than 100 years of experience from making stoves, and have put all that knowledge into the new campfire range. The stoves and the utensils get better by age. They are made out of honest materials that age with pride.

"With the new campfire range we meet the demands of friends and family as well as the gourmet chef who wants to take his or hers culinary standards to new heights," says Per Wååg.


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