From idea to complete stove

When we at Primus generate new stoves it's based on a fundament of a thoroughly planned process. From idea to research and innovation, from development to prototyping, testing and production. Each step is done internally in our R & D basement, at the office, out in the field or in our own factory.

All steps are equally important for us so that we can guarantee that every stove that leaves our factory works just as it should, once it ends up in your hands.

Exploration Ready

Our expedition and trekking stoves goes through a final check before leaving our factory. Every single one of them is hand-tested - we check them for leaks, light them and make sure they burn just the way they should. This means there may appear tarnishes around the burner when you take them out of the box. These small marks are our assurance that your new stove is in perfect working order and ready for years of reliable, safe service.

This is what we call "Exploration Ready" and as a proof that your expedition or trekking stove is tested there is an attached Exploration Ready hangtag on your stove signed by the person that tested at your stove.

Our R&D basement

It all starts down in the concrete basement of the Primus headquarter in Solna, Stockholm. It is the playground of our R&D team and the materialization of a combustion engineer’s dream: tons of instruments and tools plus various simulators help our engineers to construct and test the prototypes in both the cold and in the wind. At this level, the stoves face real daylight for the first time. They have to undergo serious live testing out in the fields before production starts to guarantee the production of both user-friendly and efficient stoves that lasts a lifetime.

Our production facility

In1994 we moved our stove production from Sweden, across the Baltic Sea to Estonia. A handpicked location to ensure quality control, easy access and short distances. It started out with simply a production shed, it took another two years until we set up our very own production facility. Since 1996 the assembly of Primus stoves takes place in a Primus owned building in Tartu, Estonia with 22 skilled employees. One stove of the same model passes approximately three different pairs of hands before you're holding it – a grant for one attribute that has to be added to the Primus key values: Made in Europe.

Production of accessories occurs together with Primus long-term partners in the Far East.


We aim to develop products with as little environmental impact as possible and as part of the design process we analyse the entire product life cycle. The life cycle consist of five essential areas: material; manufacturing; product handling; transportation; recycling and; waste management. We immerse ourselves in every one of these areas and constantly evaluate the impact on energy consumption, air pollution, carbon emission and water acidification – everything to find the best options from a sustainability perspective.

Do you have any questions about our production, please feel free to email

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