Pasta carbonara

It is possible to buy the whole-egg powder (white and yolk mixed) on the Internet, there are also separate egg-yolk powder and egg-white powder. For this dish, simply egg-yolk powder is optimal, but whole egg powder is much more useful. Those who are daring can bring a well packed raw egg and separate the yolk and white on the spot. This recipe is for 1 portion.

You need

80 g capellini pasta

2 tbls egg powder

50 g parmesan cheese

25 g cured ham

1 pinch of salt

1 tsp coarsely ground black pepper

0,25 dl olive oil


How to

Pack all the ingredients separately. Cook the pasta on the spot and drain when finished, but save som of the water in the pot. Add egg powder and stir around. Top with Parmesan cheese and ham.


This recipe is from the book Fjällmat by Eric Tornblad (ISBN: 9789186773557) you can buy it here here (in Sweden).