Our Eta range has an efficiency rate that's nearly doubled compared to conventional stoves. Less fuel to carry is good for your purse, your back - and the environment. Scroll down and learn more about the future of eco-friendly outdoor cooking.

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ETA Technology

Eta Power trekking stove has capacity to feed up to 4 people on any adventure. The stove comes with a 1.8 liter Eta pot featuring non-stick ceramic coating, a BPA-free plastic bowl, a lid with a silicone rim and an integrated colander, as well as an insulated storage bag that will fit everything plus two 100 gramme LP gas cartridges.

The standard model is powered by LP gas, but it can be upgraded to a multifuel stove with the Eta Power Multifuel Kit.

Eta Power has an efficiency rate close to 80 % compared to a conventional outdoor stove that usually has an efficiency rate of 40 %. This means you can cook more or bring less fuel to lower your pack weight. 

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Power Stove Set (former Eta Power)

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Power Stove Set

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  • Description

    The Power Stove Set with its new pot is now even easier to use. Thanks to the Eta Technology the stove boasts an impressive efficiency rate. The stove comes with a 1.8-litre PrimeTech pot with a built in heat exchanger, a graded BPA-free plastic bowl, an integrated handle, and a lid with an integrated colander. An insulated storage bag is also included, which can be used to keep your food hot. The burner, the plastic bowl, the windshield, two 100 grams gas cartridges and the pot can be packed in the storage bag. The standard model is powered by gas, but it can be upgraded for burning liquid fuels with the optional 737370 Power MultiFuel Kit. Gas is not included. Download the manual
  • Details

    • Height (mm): 122
    • Diameter (mm): 210
    • Burn time: 119 min on 230 g gas cartridge
    • Season: 3 Seasons
    • Effect (W): 2000
    • Boiling time 1l PrimeTech Pot / Regular Pot: 3:30
    • People: 1-4
    • Ignition: Piezoelectric
    • Weight (g): 805
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    • Primus Power Stove set

      "I wanted a stove that I can cook on for 4 people. I need to be able to cook proper pasta and sauce for kids, and quickly..They won't eat the 'instant meals' which are too high in salt for them anyway.
      I've tried a trangia (with gas adaptor), but the pots aren't big enough. The 3L trangia pot sits on top and is very unstable and a bit inefficient.
      This stove is perfect. It's stable. You can take the lid off, stir with the other hand, no need to hold the pot as well. I've got the 3L pot, which cooks pasta for 4 with no problems.
      It uses less gas - 1g/min for boiling seems to be what is so far, but it's using far less simmering homemade soup at the moment.

      It's not that fast - 5min for a 1L boil, but that's on an almost empty canister, so it's ok for me.
      It think it will use about 50% less fuel than my omnifuel. It simmers really well and seems to sip fuel then.

      The pots have great lids/handles and non-stick. There are marking for amounts but a bit hard to read on the inside. The 3L pot is stable, the 1.8L pot sits even lower and hardly moves!

      The only thing I don't like is the colour of my windshield which is a much lighter grey colour and doesn't match the pots as much as the ones in the adverts.

      If the windshield would fit my omnifuel as well it would be perfect, but the valve won't fit. I think this windshield/onmifuel and eta pot would be an awesome combination, but I might just have to buy the multi fuel adaptor for this instead..
      If you like cooking, for 3-4 people, but need a robust set up, this is great.

      Ianto, 2/3/16