Tips & tricks for the first hike

Angeliqa has been running the blog Vandringsbloggen for three years now and is regularly filling it with useful information for everyone who enjoys trekking. Tips and tricks for first timers, recipes for the outdoors and interviews with devoted trekkers to inspire. And so we decided to have a chat with her about tips and ideas for the trekking season, especially for those who haven't done much trekking before. And she had lots of them, of course. 


You combine a full time job with plenty of outdoor hours, how do you manage that?

By taking advantage of the small moments.

When I have a lot at work, having my lunch box in the park or forest outside instead of inside makes a massive difference. Just dress for the weather. Or take a twenty minute walk on your lunch break to get some fresh air. My favorite is when I manage to move a meeting outside and we can parley over a walk instead of a table.

And it doesn't have to be that complicated, many times there are plenty of nice areas within 30 minutes away from the city. Which gives you plenty of time to head outside after work or on the weekend. Cut down on the ambitions, buy a woolen sweater at a secondhand store, gather your friends, light a fire and cook something easy in the outdoors. That's the best night out if you ask me.

And then when possible, treat yourself to a longer adventure!

When is a good season to go on longer adventures then?

I enjoy trekking in the autumn, when its less mosquitos and cooler weather. But all seasons has their own charm!

What's a good hike for first time trekkers?

The one that actually takes place!

Starting nearby is always good. Comfortable, durable clothes and a trail in the local area makes for a relaxed and fun project.

Otherwise, Kungsleden in Sweden is a great trail with stunning nature and cabins along the way in which you can stay. That way you don't have to carry a tent. Trekking in Norway is also beautiful and great for more novice hikers. You can stay in cabins and on day trips still reach spectacular landscapes, fjords, waterfall, glaciers and mountains.

Tell us about your best and worst trekking moment?

Haha, well, sometimes when standing out there with a heavy backpack and it's raining for the third day in a row and I'm soaking wet, I wonder what it is that makes me long back out on the trail each time. I guess those are the worst moments, but they are also the best with trekking I find. The charm of the contrasts, from rain to sun, to feel alive out on the trails and in nature. It has never been about going from A to B, but about the actual experience. I don't count the amount of kilometers an hour, I prefer to plan for more time on the trails and allow myself to stop, feel the wind in my face, stay around a rushing stream or soak up some sun on a lee side.


  • Take advantage of the small moments to get out in nature.
  • Walk to and from work, or go for a walk over lunch.
  • Move your work meetings outside.
  • Lower your ambitions.
  • Your local area is often more beautiful than you think. And its close by.
  • Hiking in fall means less mosquitos and cooler days.
  • Staying in cabins are great for the first hike.
  • Contrast in weather is just charming.
  • Don't count kilometers, count moments where you pause just to enjoy it all.