What to bring

It's getting closer to the first hike. Tents have been pitched in the backyard and the backpacking stove has been tested. The boots are broken in and your body is strong and ready. All what's left is to pack your backpack. Once again we got some tips and advice from Angeliqa, Vandringsbloggen on what to pack and what to think about for your hike.

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What do you fill your backpack with?

Three things I always bring with me is a first aid kit, fire steel and a pair of extra socks. Comfortable clothes that fits well, rain clothes with easy access in my backpack and a map/compass. Most of the time I also bring a vacuum bottle and a seating mat. It's always nice to have a warm drink near at hand.
And bring a friend! Many people are curious about trekking but don't have anyone to walk with. Dare to be the one who invites the facebook friends for a day hike and you might find a nice trekking friend for the summer.

What kind of stove is best to hike with?

A gas stove for sure. I use Primus Lite+ both for when I'm out on my own or with a friend. It weighs next to nothing, doesn't take up too much space and boils water in a little over a minute. It's perfect for the hikes when I only bring freeze-dried food or for when I'm making a quick cup of coffee during a break.
For the occasions when we are more people or when I want to cook “real” food I bring a Primus Spider Stove Set with an extra frying pan. As I then have all the possibilities to cook something more advanced!

And what about the food, what kind of food do you cook?

Most of the time I bring freeze-dried foods, but it's fairly easy to spice it up a bit to make it taste and look better. Add some colorful vegetables like paprika or flavor with parmesan cheese, pesto or why not bring some tortellini and cured ham to enjoy on a rainy day. If your really want to splurge when you're out there, bring a block of chocolate and melt it down with hot milk, top up with some spray cream.

How does it work with drinking water when hiking for several days?

The Swedish mountains are great with running water pretty much everywhere. Bring a cup and drink straight from a stream, but avoid stagnant water or lakes. If you're even a little unsure I would recommend boiling it before drinking.

Should you pamper yourself on a hike?

Yes! I like to treat myself and the people I hike with with something extra for the evening, even if it makes the backpack slightly heavier. Bring a tasty ingredient for the evening, heat up some mulled wine on the fire, cook hot dogs with bread and ketchup or break up some chocolate for dessert.

You talk about Hikefulness sometimes, what's that?

With the word Hikefulness I try to add a word to a feeling that most avid hikers know so well but find it difficult to explain to others. A moment when we're not focused on achieving or to just transport ourselves through nature, but the tranquility and pause of breath that arises when we together sit down in front of an open fire after a long day, gazing out over a glassy lake. When we are one with nature and the moment we're in, when there's no then or later, just here and now. That is what I mean with hikefulness.


  • Always pack a first aid kit, a fire steel and a pair of extra socks.
  • Keep your rain clothes easily accessible.
  • Bring a vacuum flask as a warm drink is always appreciated.
  • Choose a gas stove for trekking. Lite+ for boiling water for freeze-dried foos or Spider Stove set for prepping and cooking.
  • Drink water from any stream in the Swedish mountains but avoid stagnant water.
  • Spice up your freeze-dried food with colorful vegatables or parmesan cheese.
  • Remember to splurge when hiking.
  • And. Hikefulness.
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