It´s not all about reaching the top

In april 2014 the Primus team went out for a winter education. An adventure that took us to Kebnekaise, the tallest mountain in Sweden, to build on our experiences and knowledge of winter safety and to test our products in real conditions, far away from the simulators at the office.

The plan was to reach the summit, on ice and snow with randonee- and mountaineering equipment. But, on day one the wind measured up to 25 meters per second and there was no sign for the wind to ease for the next couple of days, meaning that the attempt to reach the summit wasn’t a clear fact anymore. While waiting for a good day, we toured around on the flat making hot cups of coffee to keep ourselves warm.

When the day came for reaching the summit, the wind was still a fact and it was clear that not all of us would go all the way. Reaching the top would have been a magnificent feeling and thus, being one of the people turning around was a tough decision.

While heading down the mountain it was important to remember why we really were there: to try, to learn and to get the experience. So that we at Primus can keep producing products suitable all and everyone, both the people on the flat and the people on the top, in all kind of weather.

Sometimes it is easy to get stuck with the goal and to forget that, really, it is all about the path getting there. Without the path the goal will not be reached and if you mess with the path, you might not reach the top at all.

Johan Skullman, Swedish survival expert and part of the Primus test team, also reveals tips and tricks how to survive and enjoy an outdoor meal even in wintertime in our winter cooking guide.Our stoves are made to last, even in the toughest of winter conditions and all expedition- and trekking stoves are hand tested before leaving our factory. Follow the steps in our Research and Development.