The Legendary Kings Trail

The Kings Trail, probably one of the world’s best trekking trails, stretches almost 450 kilometers through the wild mountain landscapes of northern Sweden. Traditionally, some parts of this trail see fewer than 500 trekkers every year, but during a few days every august, more than 2000 people gather here to participate in Fjällräven Classic – a mountain trek and folk festival from the Sami village of Nikkaloukta to Abisko.

Through lush mountain moors, birch forests, hidden glaciers and rippling mountain streams we joined some of the participants on their way. Emma from the Netherlands was one of the trekkers had never been on a hike like this before. Although quite sore and tired, she was positive when reaching the top at Tjäktja, at half the distance of the trail:

"I don't think I knew what I had infront of me when signing up for Fjällräven Classic. I have never walked this far before with my arthritis knees, but although having blisters on my feet, taped sore knees and heavy shoulders, I’m loving every minute. Every new mountain, stream or valley that we come across is the most beautiful spot I have ever seen and every meal is the best I have ever tasted. I cant wait for the next couple of days and the scenery they will bring.

One of the best (and most difficult) parts of the trek is to find a campsite, as there are so many beautiful spots to choose from. And when packing up in the mornings I just want to stay another day..."

In Sweden there is something called “Allemansrätten”, translated to “The Right of Public Access” and it’s a fantastic opportunity for all of us to roam and sleep freely in nature, free of charge. Thus, if you go trekking in Sweden, pick a spot to camp on wherever you want and bring a good stove. A nice meal enjoyed with a good view could only be an ultimate culinary experience. Do you need inspiration on what cook? Have a look at some of our favorite outdoor recipes and don't worry about carrying water - the crystal clear streams will be the best water you have ever tasted.

"Looking back at Fjällräven Classic, it wasn't a walk in the park – it was a magnificent adventure that pretty much anyone can do. So get out there, find a good trail somewhere in the world and walk it, don´t let things stand in your way. If you are an experience walker, push yourself further. It could be challenging and it will most definitely be an adventure to remember."