Latitude 70

Have you ever imagined giving yourself a brake of three years to experience the world?

That´s what Roy and Michelle did in 2007, 2008 and 2009. Their dream became an opportunity to change their lives and they went in a journey by car that crossed 60 countries in the five continents.

They drove through the Andes in South America, saw some aboriginal sites in Australia, tasted spiced food in South East Asia, hiked the Himalayas in Nepal, came across different traditions in Middle East and India, learned a lot of history in Europe and stood face to face with wild animals and remote tribes in Africa.

After having driven more than 160.000km (100.000 miles) they came back home, where they worked for 4,5 years to share their experiences. The book they wrote about this expedition is a success in the Portuguese version, having sold around 10.000 copies. Just very recently the book World by Land – A fascinating trip around the world by car was translated to English.

But not being completely satisfied with what they saw around the world, the couple left Brazil to endure their second world trip, driving the same Land Rover Defender they drove in the first trip. The new project “Latitude 70” has the goal of achieving tree points in the globe over 70 degrees North in latitude. The first one will be in Alaska, the second in Russia and the third in Scandinavia. The most challenging of them is going to be the Russian one, due the extreme temperature they are facing there. The reason is that the eastern part of Siberia is drivable only on winter, when the wetlands and rivers become a thick ice.

Today, being already one year on the road, the project Latitude 70 crossed 14 countries in South, Central and North America and has other 36 to go. From North America the car will be shipped to Russia, and than the trip continues through Mongolia, China, Central Asia, East Europe, and Scandinavia and finally home, in Brazil, which is going to be in the middle of 2017.


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