The roads less travelled

Are you dreaming about travelling on roads less travelled or are you already in the planning of an adventure that will take you further away and into the unbeaten wilderness than you have ever been before?

An extended trip is not a walk in the park, it’s an adventure. It will be challenging and could be dangerous. That is why it is important to take the time to plan and plan and plan again before heading off. Even if you in the end will properly leave the original plan and do something totally different. But most important is just to do it.  

Firstly, choose a route. A good way is to take a map and simply draw on it. Where do you want to go? What countries to go though and which to travel around. Once you have a plan on where to go, start making notes for each country. Visas & travel documents, safety, accessibility, weather, behaviors etc.

The route is set and you have all the information you need, you know how to travel there, so how long do you want or need to spend in each country? Be realistic and create back-up routes in case something changes. Then it’s time to work on a list – what to bring?

Unless you’re going somewhere really hardcore you don’t need the most expensive gear but make sure to bring equipment you can rely on. And also bring into account on what stove to bring, gas or multifuel, depending on climate and access to gas for example.

Did you know that gas has different names in different countries?  So if you decide to bring a gas stove, learn the name before you need it to save in on some confusing conversations.

Two of the longer journeys we have sponsored in the past are the Rinne family’s overland journey from Stockholm to Cape Town and the Sven Hedin Project, in the path of the Swedish explorer and geographer Sven Hedin.

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