Road tripping & simplicity

Lisa, @lisalowenborg, photographer and writer is enticed by the simplicity in everyday life, to live simply and enjoy what nature has to offer. Mile-long treks or a fast pace doesn't appeal to her, instead it's the beauty of tranquility that lures her into the wild every time. This time, her partner and herself are leaving the comforts of home for a vanlife during a longer period.

What does the trip mean for you, both physically and mentally?

The trip means that we wont have either the space nor the stuff I'm used to at home. But, instead we'll have the world as a playground to be inspired by every day. We'll be able to have our breakfast anywhere we want. Another challenge is to live this close to eachother everyday, without any “alone time”, we will not be able to shower for longer periods and we can't escape any bad weather or cold in the same way as home. We're hoping structure and quality gadgets will make our life easy/easier!

What drives you in this adventure?

I believe everyone need to live simple every now and then to get rid of all unnecessary (but oh so nice) comforts we surround ourselves with every day.

And because I like the idea of having everything I need with me. I can rock up to a beach and go for a surf, I can go for a hike if I happen to park at a beautiful place or go for a run when the sunrise is magical. When being at home everything requires planning, when living on the road you can be ready all the time.

How do you prepare?

We prepare by packing, then reducing things by half, and thats it. No need for stuff. And a long shower before we move in, so we're clean from the start at least.

What do you bring with you?

A good mattress is almost essential. Storage (!!) where everything has its place. And quality gear! We're basically just bringing Primus stoves and equipment, which I trust have always used.

A Tupike stove, with a CampFire pot and skillet
CampFire Plates, pints and cutlery
A Prepset, covers all prepping
Lite +, for morning coffee and evening tea
Two 4 season mugs, because they keep the temperature well
A TrailBreak flask, to always have hot water in the car if the rain should fall
And a lantern, for cozy evenings