PrimeTech Stove

With PrimeTech Stove Set we wanted to develop the ultimate solution for the performance-oriented trekker. A stove with low fuel consumption and consistent power output, yet with full performance. A compact unit that packs together and with an intergrated burner, which makes it easy to set up. 

A trekking stove that makes trekking easier. 



Integrated burner in the windscreen makes setting up as easy as 1-2-3. Take out the windscreen, connect the gas and light it up. 

Regulated valve gives consistent power output and improves performance when the gas canister is low on fuel or cold. 

The lid, made from transparent Tritan® has an integrated colander, perfect when draining pasta water.
Heat resistent silicon handle.


The PrimeTech Pot

The PrimeTech Pot is designed with efficiency in mind, making the most out of every ounce of fuel used. Thanks to an integrated heat exchanger in the bottom of the pot fuel comsuption is cut in half compared to a conventional stove. That means your water will boil faster and your fuel will last longer. The PrimeTech pot is made from durable hard-anodized aluminum and features a ceramic non-stick coating on the inside making cooking and cleaning easy. 




Prizes and awards

ISPO Award

Every year ISPO honors extraordinary sports products with the ISPO AWARD. The ISPO AWARD has established itself as seal of quality for the sporting goods industry. Retailers value it as an orientation tool for future product selections; journalists appreciate it as an overview of outstanding product innovations; and consumers appreciate receiving a neutral recommendation by independent experts.

At the ISPO Trade Show 2017 the PrimeTech Stove Set convinced 45 judges from 13 countries and two continents with its overall concept and ultimate efficiency and won the highly appreciated ISPO Award ”Winner 2017“ in the category ”Outdoor Cooking“.



Scandinavian Outdoor Award

The Scandinavian Outdoor Award™ (SOA) has become an important Award during the last years. The jury contains of the most prestigious outdoor journalists in Europe and due to the fact that the products get tested in practice and outdoor environment, the Award has gained high respect and recognition in both industry and outdoor retail.

In the Primetech Stove Set, Primus combines the best technology available in creating an outstanding stove set for small groups or extended backpacking and backcountry ski trips.

The jury liked its efficiency, the secure pot placement and the self-arresting pot gripper as well as the quality of workmanship.


Editors' Choice in German Outdoor Magazine

Primetech won "Editors’ Choice award 2017" as "Bester Kocher". Only 9 awards are given in different product categories after in-depth testing and examination. To quote:

Primus new gas stove Primetech convinces even cooking muffle.

With the Primetech (€ 140, 800 gr), the Swedish stove specialist has created what many outdoor enthusiasts have long wanted: an almost complete outdoor stove-set, which not only convinces with cooking performance and consumption, but also sets the standard for handling. This allows the flame to be extremely finely adjusted and down to the level of a candle, using the gripping tongs so that the pots are released first by pushing the button - and never removed.The pots, one with non-stick coating and one without, do not lose a drop when pouring out and rest absolutely safe in only five centimeters height on the wind protected burner.

It fires strongly (3:50 min/l) and also so efficient (11.5 gr gas/l), that just one cartridge can cook for up to 20 meals.

"Thanks to the thriftiness of Primetech, I was able to leave many extra cartridges at home, without having to restrain myself from cooking."
-Gunnar Homann, travel editor

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