Shortcut to Adventure

Making an adventure out of your everyday is easier than you might think.

And for that reason, our goal for 2017 is to make nature more accessible for people. Anyone can head out on an adventure, whether it’s just around the corner or far, far away. All it takes is a craving for the outdoors, a park or small batch of trees, a stove and your favourite ingredients. Because nature isn’t exclusive for the extreme, and best of all you don’t have to have all the right gear or be an outdoor expert to cook food under an open sky. Anyone can do it!

Nature is more reachable and easy to enjoy than what many people may think. Many of times, the beauty of nature can be found right outside your home. Perhaps there’s a hidden gem a 20-minute walk away from home, or three bus stops away from work. Stop for breakfast on the way to work and watch the sun rise over your city. Bring your lunch out to the park or gather friends on bikes for an after work catch-up by a lake.

We might be biased, but we strongly believe that cooking outdoors has an almost magical way of turning the smallest of hikes into something memorable. We know that if you try a bowl of soup or a cup of hot chocolate outside, you have shortened the distance between yourself and the nature we love. To further shorten that distance, we have created a new kind of stove, pots, pans and other accessories that are easy to assemble and safe to use for everyone. So, whether you go yourself or bring your family or friends, you will create memories to talk about.

This year we challenge you to find these places and open up to the nature close by. Perhaps you just go for a short hike, bringing a bottle of coffee or you're dinner outside. Perhaps you’ll even stay the night. No matter the adventure, it’s not that complicated.

Let us show the world just how easy it is by using #shortcuttoadventure when instagraming those moments. 

From Australia...

"This location is Clovelly / Gordons bay, around half an hour from the Sydney CBD by car,
or easily reached by bus from where we live, and offers a nice little escape with ocean views and rocky cliffs.
Even though we live near Bondi beach, which is one of the most famous beaches in the world,
it can get really busy and overcrowded which can take away from its beauty.
Clovelly / Gordon's bay provides more quiet and refreshing views, especially at the end of the day.
This has become our way to relax and escape, and to find a little peace without travelling too far from home.
We can sit by the ocean listening to the waves as the sun goes down."



From Finland...

"The place I picked is my real shortcut to adventure. Mustikkamaa (Blueberry land in English) Is an island 5km from Helsinki city center. It's a place I like to go during hectic work weeks to relax and enjoy the nature. The area has nice walking paths which leaves the woods pretty much empty so Yoda and I usually get to walk alone in the woods which is great. "