Our Eta range has an efficiency rate that's nearly doubled compared to conventional stoves. Less fuel to carry is good for your purse, your back - and the environment. Scroll down and learn more about the future of eco-friendly outdoor cooking.

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ETA Technology

Our new Eta Spider with its light burner is one of the most versatile stoves in our Eta range, designed for proper cooking for one or two people. A low centre of gravity makes the stove very stable. And the Eta technology is so efficient, you never need carry more fuel than necessary. Eta Spider has an efficiency rate close to 80 % compared to a conventional outdoor stove that usually has an efficiency rate of 40 %. This means you can cook more or bring less fuel to lower your pack weight. 

The standard model is powered by LP gas, but it can be upgraded to a multifuel stove with the Eta Spider Multifuel Kit.

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Spider Stove set (former Eta Spider)

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Spider Stove Set

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  • Description

    Spider Stove Set with its new pot and its lightweight burner is one of the most versatile stoves sets, designed for proper cooking for one or two people. A low centre of gravity makes the stove very stable. And thanks to efficiency of the Eta technology you never need carry more fuel than necessary. The Spider Multifuel Kit (product code 737500) is available to upgrade the stove for multifuel use. The pot has an easy grip lid that also doubles as a colander. Burner, 1-litre pot, windscreen, plastic bowl and a 100-gram gas cartridge simply pack together into one compact unit in the accompanying insulation bag. Gas is not included. Download the manual
  • Details

    • Height (mm): 100
    • Diameter (mm): 150
    • Burn time: 119 min on 230 g gas cartridge
    • Season: 3 Seasons
    • Effect (W): 2000
    • Boiling time 1l PrimeTech Pot / Regular Pot: 3:35
    • People: 1-2
    • Ignition: No
    • Weight (g): 600
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    • Spider - not for the Arctic!

      "Great little stove 90% of the time, but I recently took it to Arctic Norway and Finland with special 'cold weather gas mix'. As much experience as I have, I should have known better. Below -5C in a tent it was extremely difficult to heat small amounts of water. At -15 to -20C, I had it inside tent, had pre-warmed cylinder first, placed handwarmer under it, wrapped it in down hood, had windshield around stove and neoprene insulated kettle on top. Would barely even ignite, let alone heat 200 or 300ml of water for a drink. I had to constantly shake the new 450g canister like mad while it was on to get anything happening. Took 45 minutes with a new cylinder for lukewarm coffee. The next night was -30C, I didn't even bother and ate frozen lapskaus and hot dogs from Statoil haha. Over 8 days I managed to make 3 cups of coffee and one partially warmed pot of lapskaus and used nearly 2 450g 4-season cylinders in the process! Fortunately I was very well prepared clothing and sleeping bag wise, or it could have been really grim. Liquid fuel stoves only for me in the future, I'll save the spider for summer picnics or fast n light summer trips, or may invest in the liquid fuel kit, which I should have done. Definitely not for sub-zero. I give it four stars because I should have known better not to use gas cylinders in the Arctic, even pre-warmed and insulated."

      Crannogdiver, 3/13/16
    • Spider Stove Set

      "It's not easy to pack a 100g gas cartridge in the set and the plastic bowl gets scratched.
      Cooking time for 0.5 liters of water at an ambient temperature of 23 degrees Celsius, no wind and at a low level of gas was about 3 minutes.
      The magnetic feet hold the cooker well. The shell made of neoprene keeps warm."

      amuel, 5/3/15