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        Designing greatness. We know that you demand products of the highest quality. Equipment you can rely on even during extreme conditions; essentials that will last you a lifetime of adventures. That’s why we keep reinvesting into our in-house research and development. And that’s how we are able to keep pushing the standards for outdoor cooking, year after year.

        Everything starts in the test lab of Primus’ headquarter in Solna, Stockholm. At our R&D team’s playground you’ll find tons of instruments, tools and various simulators to help our engineers construct and test new prototypes in all kinds of conditions. Every design has to undergo the same rigorous testing, resulting in as many number of laps back to the drawing board as it takes to perfect the design. And that’s before any prototype ever sees live testing in the fields.


        Back in 1995 we moved stove production to our neighbor country across the Baltic Sea: Estonia. The short distance from Stockholm, ease of quality control and a historical tradition of craftsmanship, were all major factors in our decision. Today our factory in Tartu employs 22 skilled workers. Every single stove passes through three pairs of hands before final assembly is done. And our expedition and trekking stoves, as well as our gas lanterns, also have to withstand a final test before they leave the factory: we check them for leaks and light them up to ensure they burn with an optimal flame. This means there may appear a few tarnishes around the burner of your new Primus stove. These marks are our assurance to the user that their new stove is in perfect working order, ready for years of reliable, safe service.


        Exploration Ready

        Our expedition and trekking stoves goes through a final check before leaving our factory. Every single one of them is hand-tested - we check them for leaks, light them and make sure they burn just the way they should. This means there may appear tarnishes around the burner when you take them out of the box. These small marks are our assurance that your new stove is in perfect working order and ready for years of reliable, safe service.
        This is what we call "Exploration Ready" and as a proof that your expedition or trekking stove is tested there is an attached Exploration Ready hangtag on your stove signed by the person that tested at your stove.


        We aim to develop products with as little environmental impact as possible and as part of the design process we analyse the entire product life cycle. The life cycle consist of five essential areas: material; manufacturing; product handling; transportation; recycling and; waste management. We immerse ourselves in every one of these areas and constantly evaluate the impact on energy consumption, air pollution, carbon emission and water acidification – everything to find the best options from a EnvironmentalStandards perspective.

        Do you have any questions about our production, please feel free to email

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