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        Årets julklapp* 

        *Swedish for: The Christmas gift of the year 


        COVID has encouraged Swedes to discover that leisure time can be spent just around the cornerin nature. A classic trekking stove, or backpacking stove is this year's Swedish Christmas present and just happens to also be one of Sweden's oldest industrial products that can last for generations.  

        Each year The Swedish Retail Institute (HUI) predicts what they think will be Sweden´s most popular Christmas gift (known as årets julklapp). The item is chosen by the following criteria:    

        • The product must be a novelty or has received new interest that year 
        • The product must account for a high sales value or be sold in a large number of units 
        • The product must represent the era we live in 

        The so-called “stormkitchen” became the choice for this year’s Christmas present because it is a clear example of how our lives have changed in 2020. A very sad situation led many people to open their eyes to see how good we feel in nature, says Per Wååg. 

         At Primus, we are happy that the trekking stove became this year's Christmas present, mainly as it shows that more people are discovering what we have always known, that food tastes best outdoors! We have stoves for all occasions. News and old favorites can be found here. 

        Lasts a lifetime - or longer

        This year's Christmas present does not necessarily have to be repurchased. We are used to questions about outdoor kitchens that may have been bought in the middle of the last century by someone's grandparents. With a simple update and / or a new spare part, it is often still fully usable.

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