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        Good food with trekking stoves from Primus 

        Remember that it is possible to cook really good food out in the outdoors - here's some

        1. Boil the pasta in lightly salted water. Strain the pasta and put it back in the saucepan.
        2. Turn down cream cheese in the saucepan and mix until the pasta is really creamy.
        3. Fry the surface of the lemon and then squeeze the lemon juice down.
        4. Season with salt and black pepper.
        5. Fry the asparagus in a little oil so that it becomes golden brown, add some salt.
        6. Toast the walnuts.
        7. Put the pasta on some plates and top with fried asparagus and walnuts.
        8. Add some lemon peel over and serve.

        You need

        280 g of optional pasta
        300 g cream cheese
        0.5 lemon (juice)
        250 g green asparagus (butter fried)
        1 tbsp olive oil
        50 g walnuts

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