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        Water in the heat 


        A hot summer can be really lovely, but also tough. It is easy to forget about drinking and being dehydrated in the heat. In addition, our appetite often decreases at higher temperatures. Then it may be a good idea to eat foods that contain a lot of water, such as fruits and vegetables. 

        Drinking really cold water is lovely on a hot summer day, but is it smart? The body saves water in the stomach until it reaches 37 degrees which takes a lot of energy and lowers our appetite. So if you want to help your body keep the energy up, you should drink lukewarm water. 

        Normally you should drink between 1.5-2 L water per day. If it is hot outside and you exercise, you may need to drink more. Always have a water bottle close at hand and make sure to frequently have a zip, rather than drinking very much at the same time



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