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        A gourmet chef's best friend

        The knife has always been a reliable tool since ancient times. Especially, as an important gear when preparing our meal in the kitchen. With our flexible and easy-to-use Campfire Knife, you can easily file, cut, hack and dice. The Campfire Knife is a must to bring in the gourmet chef's backpack when heading out to camp outside in the nature. And it is perfectly fine to have it at home as well in your RV.


        Campfire Knife

        Chef knife with flexible stainless steel blade and oak handle.
        Available in two sizes – 12 cm and 15 cm blade.

        Campfire Cutting Set

        A convenient set that makes prepping food in the outdoors a breeze. 
        It consists of a cutting board in oak
        and a 15 cm knife neatly packed in a cover.

        Campfire Prep Set

        The outdoor “Mise en place”. Everything in order and in one place.
        A utensils set with all the necessities to
        prepare a great meal in the outdoors.
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