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        With the love for climbing


        Livia (16 years, Team Sweden climbing) and Karin (32 years, climbing instructor) share the love of climbing and together they went on a climbing trip to Bohuslän on the west coast of Sweden, where they got inspired by each other’s strengths.

        “Climbing is so unbelievably much and it’s the combination of it all that has me hooked. It’s a fun and great way to exercise and it motivates me to practice and get better, to test my limits and challenge myself. It’s also a fantastic sport that takes me out in nature and to new places. In climbing, you often share the experience with someone else and together you solve problems and setbacks but also successes and wonderful memories and it’s perhaps the best way to get to know someone else. Yourself as well for that matter."
        - Karin Eknor

        "Climbing really made me more confident in myself."
        - Livia Stål


        Bohuslän is a coastal region on the west coast of Sweden that offers a stunning landscape with a unique archipelago, a smooth granite shoreline and granite walls sticking up from the beautiful fields. Bohuslän has a lot of great climbing to offer and many claim it as a trad climbers’ paradise. It's a place for all types of climbing and climbers.

        Of course, we took the opportunity to join and asked the girls what food and equipment they usually bring with them when out climbing.

        "Depending on whether you’re climbing a long multi pitch or if you’re hanging out at the cliff, food and equipment will look different. For longer climbs, lightweight and maximum energy / weight is often prioritized. A smaller stove such as Lite Plus System or Micron Stove with a lightweight pot are ideal. Or a lunch jug with something tasty. Good food to bring is powdered mash potato with extra olive oil and preferably some dried meat, or couscous with powdered soup. Some cheese on top for extra luxury! Cheese is a great “extra” on all types of treks and adventures, as the energy / weight ratio is good, it has plenty of fat and protein and is incredibly tasty both on its own and in most dishes."


        "For a full day at the cliff and when the hike there is not too long, it’s easier to bring a stove with two burners such as Tupike, cooking equipment and ingredients for a proper meal. A cutting set with a proper knife and cutting board, a cooler bag that keeps the drink cold and all the good food you want to celebrate with after a challenging climb with your friend."

        Today we cooked a creamy potato salad with fried asparagus and salmon and enjoyed it with some cold drinks, climbing discussions and a beautiful sunset. 

        "Something tasty to bring is a crumb-pie dough based on oatmeal, butter and honey. Just fry some apples and banana, add the pastry, fry a little more. And then - Yummy!”

        Creamy potato salad with asparagus & salmon

        (vary the amount based on how many you are)

        • potato
        • thyme
        • chive
        • creme fraiche
        • radishes
        • green onions
        • red onion
        • asparagus
        • olive oil
        • salt and pepper

        How to:

        Cut the potatoes in bite-size and boil in salted water. While the potatoes are cooking, fry the asparagus in some oil on a frying pan or our griddle plate until soft, then fry the salmon. If you are two people, the other one can take the opportunity to chop herbs, scallions, red onion and radishes.

        Mix the boiled potatoes with creme fraiche, chopped vegetables and herbs. Top with the fried asparagus, taste with salt and pepper and serve with the fried salmon.

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