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        Release your inner masterchef 

        The summer is coming. Of course you want to eat every meal outside from now on! Preferably on your best friends rooftop or In a nice park in the sunset. You don’t want to choose between good food and being outdoors. So don’t!

        This spring we want to help you to release your inner masterchef and take your cooking to a new level, wherever you are.

        5 tips to ease your cooking

        The Kushoma is light an compact and is perfect to bring out to the garden, to the beach or a nice park.
        Here is five tips to ease your cooking.

        1. Pack the food in a bag so you don’t have lots of loose parts. Thats just annoying.
        2. Bring a good knife and cutting board so you easily can prepare your food.
        3. Bring some coffee or tea. The cooking is a part of the experience. Make sure you enjoy it!
        4. Taking care of our environment is important. Bring a solid canister for your garbage.
        5. Make sure you start with the food in time. The risk of injuries and bad mood is not worth it!
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