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        Mountaineering - for a Reason

        Alix von Melle

        Alix was born in Hamburg and now lives with her husband in Füssen in Ostallgäu, at the foot of the Ammergau Alps. She works as a freelance PR manager, but her great passion is (high altitude) mountain climbing. Having climbed seven 8,000-metre peaks without the use of supplementary oxygen, she is currently one of Germany’s most successful female high altitude mountaineers. 

        I train for this almost every day: ski tours, cross-country skiing and ice climbing in winter – mountain climbing, scrambling and mountain biking in summer. I love exercising out in nature and filling my lungs with fresh air. That makes me happy and content and gives me strength and energy for my everyday routine. I can live forever on those moments spent in unspoilt nature. I especially enjoy the stillness there. A sunrise on a ski tour, a sunset by the cross on the mountain summit after a satisfying day on the mountains – I carry these experiences with me in my heart. No one can take them away from me and you cannot buy them with money. But it doesn’t always have to be an eight-thousand metre peak! For me the joy of the summit doesn’t depend on the height of the mountain. I value the local mountains in the Alps all the more, precisely because I am often away on expeditions for months at a time. The best is often right beside you! Biking & skiing in winter without using the car or a long mountain bike ride in summer that starts right from your front door – for me that is the most sustainable opportunity to travel and to train. Best of all together with my husband Luis Stitzinger. We share our love and passion for the high and low mountains. 

        We always take a mountain snack with us: freshly baked bread with Allgäuer butter and alpine cheese. And I need a good cup of coffee every day! Both for the pleasure and to relax. We can easily prepare the coffee for ourselves on the way – for example by the idyllic Schwansee – when we take the bikes out on a beautiful ride from Bleckenau back to the house: you can heat the water with the Lite Plus Stove and infuse the ground coffee in the pot. The coffee is soon ready thanks to the Primus Coffee Press. Fluid intake is extremely important on long mountain tours so I always take a Klunken Bottle with me too. Filled with clear mountain water.

        For me mountaineering means the freedom to set off wherever I want. And that freedom feels even more limitless high up, far above the valleys, roads and people!

        Alix von Melle
        Freelance PR manager with a passion for high altitude mountain climbing


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