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        Always say yes - for a Reason

        Benjamin Niclasen

        Benjamin is a curious and adventurous man who enjoys time in nature. It doesn’t matter if it’s going places by car for a great scenery or going hiking or kayaking, as long as he get to explore our beautiful earth. When he’s not outdoors he’s working at an architectural firm as well as studying ‘Outdoor Education in Theory and Practice’ to hopefully be able to spend even more time outdoors.


        Feeling quite stuck by the Covid situation, I’m planning my next winter adventure. Since a few years back my best friend and I have been going on yearly trips to different places of Lapland. We take turns in planning and the other can’t know where we’re going until at the airport. I’ve been enjoying these trips a lot and I really hope we can go next year. Waiting for the Covid quarantine to end and the winter to come, I’m going through my OmniLite Ti stove, maintaining it for the adventure while reminiscing on our recent trips.

        I don’t know why it always happens to us, perhaps because we always have to say Yes during these trips or because we like the challenge, but we always seem to end up hiking or skiing all through the night. Like in Finland last year, the route took longer than we thought and we had to get to the hut, so we ended up cross-country skiing all night. Perhaps not the best we could have done, but it turned into a magical moment as a herd of moose ran beside us for a long distance. And I love the dark as it gives me a great opportunity to see and photograph the northern lights. Another nightly adventure was the one in Abisko, Sweden. We were doing a long hike on snow-shoes, but the area had hit a snow record that year so the hike was extremely heavy. We made it to the first hut, but my friend was dehydrated. He was feeling better the morning after so we tried to reach the next hut, but he soon felt worse so we got a ride with a snowmobile to the Kebnekaise Mountain Lodge. Such a great place and we could rest for a few days before we made it to the top of Kebnekaise, both feeling really well.

        There are plenty of these hick-ups on our trips, but I often find that that’s when the adventure happens. I have also come to realize how much I enjoy cold places, how I feel alive after a long day out in minus degrees – as if my face get frozen into a smile that stays on for a long long time. My favorite moments though, are the early mornings when I wake up first. It’s cold and quiet outside and I grind our coffee beans and prepare our breakfast. My friend is a heavy sleeper but he always wakes up when I start boiling the coffee. (I don’t know if it’s the powerful sound of the OmniLite TI or if it’s him smelling the coffee beans that wakes him up.)

        Benjamin Niclasen
        Project manager


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