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        Frying Pan for a Reason

        Carolina Lundberg

        Carolina is one of people behind Primus. At Öja in Småland in Sweden she ventured on young legs and later moved to Stockholm where she lives with her family today. She is a fan of food and nature and thus working with Primus suits her liking very well. For days out she likes walking, biking, paddling or just hanging around a fire somewhere, but no matter what she does, she always prepare a solid meal to be cooked on site.

        I spend most of my summer holidays on Öland, an island in the south Baltic Sea on the Swedish east coast, not far from where I grew up. The nature around the island is beautiful and offers surprisingly many good bike trails and secluded spots for refreshing dips in the sea. 

        Some warm and sunny days start with me heading out early, when everyone is still asleep. I’ve been getting pretty good at quickly throwing together a daypack and for the mornings I pack a stove, towel and swimsuit, some water, coffee, bread and an egg in my backpack. 

        When heading out on my own I find the new Essential Trail Stove perfect as it’s such a convenient little stove. Everything, including the gas canister, packs in one and the lid doubles as a frying pan (because how good is a fried egg in the morning). 

        I don’t push myself too hard on these rides as the prepping and cooking outside is half the pleasure. I enjoy it very much and want to take my time. I ride a nice singletrack through the forest down to the water where I find a sunny spot by the water, then I start off with a dip so I have time to dry. After that I boil up some water for instant coffee, I’ll toast the bread slightly, fry my egg and finally, enjoy the first real meal of the day outside, on my own, in tranquillity. 

        Carolina Lundberg
        Graphical designer at Primus
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