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        a stove for all altitudes for a Reason

        Dario Rocco

        Dario lives in Croatia, a small but diverse country where the mountains meet the sea and you can experience the blue Adriatic Sea, the wild Velebit mountains and the golden Slavonian plains on the same day. Dario lives by the motto “it takes curiosity, stamina and discipline to acquire the skills, knowledge and wisdom to let yourself roam freely in the wild” and he is always looking over the horizon for new adventures whether on foot, by bike or by kayak. 

        I don't even remember how it all started, but I know that at one point I found myself at the start of the race and after I heard the starting pistol, I just ran until I saw the finish line. This is what happened to me prior to and during all my first adventures, but later, at some point, the goal of finishing the race stopped being important and suddenly my adventures became something else. I still continued running, cycling along narrow forest roads, climbing mountains and its cliffs, but without the start and the goal. I conquered the canyons of Southern Patagonia and cut ocean waves in a kayak, but only for the adventure itself, not for the race.

        Today, my adventures have become more of a lifestyle. But, as in life in general, the sea is not always calm and there are many challenging situations. When things become too demanding I have learnt, through hard training and experience, to slow down. That is why I almost always start the day with a ritual preparing my morning coffee. In whatever part of the world I am and in whatever expedition I participate, starting the day in the best possible way always leads to ending the day in the best possible way. Ultimately, it’s the small things that makes the difference!

        Dario Rocco
        Editor-in-chief, Outdoors People Magazine


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