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        Slow down - for a Reason

        Harald Born

        Harald, a versatile adventurer with a passion for teaching and contributing to get as many people as possible out into nature. Trough experience, Harald knows that the road towards the top is not straight, therefore he is dedicated to help both big and small adventurers how to reach their goal in a safe and fun way. He is trained as a mountain rescuer in the US, a leave no trace master and a rock rescuer.  After several diplomas and adventures, he is putting his focus into sharing his knowledge to different outdoor brands in Sweden, Primus among others.


        Here I am, in a snow drift together with my partner and daughter, just a stone's throw from home. An easy, unconditional and incredibly wonderful moment in nature. We’re cooking some carrot soup on our Essential Stove Set and life is laughing.

        A few years ago I would have struggled “just relaxing” like this as I have always been on my way and strived to climb the highest, walk the farthest and be the best at what I do. I am a trained mountain rescuer and had big plans for big adventures. But then things happened, things that made me reevaluate parts of my life and made me start all over again. Today, my relationship to nature is more relaxed. It’s a place where I gain experience and push myself, but also a place where I gather energy, thoughts, joy and where I can be myself fully - without prestige.

        Since I was little, I’ve been fascinated by and dreamed of being part of large expeditions where you as a team try to reach goals that have never been reached before. To work with each other and for each other. I knew then that I wanted to experience that team spirit, I wanted to experience adversities and problem-solve obstacles along the way. This dream remains, but after a period of a lot of stress, deep depression and new knowledge of a congenital artery disease, I have gained a different perspective on things and I enjoy nature in a completely different way now. I still dream of and train towards bigger, more advanced adventures, but sitting in the snow with my family, being in good health is the most important thing right now.

        Harald Born

        Brand-specialist Fenix Outdoor


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