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        Insulated pouch for a Reason

        Jeffrey Witter

        Jeffrey is a 25 year old alpinist who, Besides his 9 to 5 job, spends most of his week training for his cause. Living near the big city of Rotterdam, nature might not offer the rough and untouched experience that Jeffrey craves, but riding his road bike through the rural area close by, fast through the forest, dunes or on the narrow roads through the meadows, really gets his heart pumping!

        Since forever, I’ve spent most of my days outside. My parents always brought me and my sister down south where we spent at least one day a week building shelters in the woods, climbing trees or going for bike rides. Every summer holiday we would go to the alps, swim in wild rivers and hike up mountains. Having this kind of childhood has really made me love being outdoors. When I got older I craved more, so I went on a mountaineering course and since then I’ve never stopped climbing.

        I prefer nature rough and untouched, but in the Netherlands we don’t have much of that luxury. In the end, it’s a matter of perspective and as long as I’m outside I’m happy. The diversity nature has to offer still amazes me and sometimes I feel that there is almost too much to see in nature for just one person, so I love it when I can share the experience. For example, during a hike I might notice the light hitting a young tree in a special way, but I would have missed the deer watching us from the forest if I wasn’t there together with my girlfriend who spotted the deer. When travelling together you see much more.

        I have two perfect days out. One is getting lost on a long hike together with my girl, stopping for lunch at a beautiful spot. I think it’s important to invest time in things that makes you happy and food and coffee always put a smile on my face, especially when outdoors. So I bring my Primetech stove 2.3 L so we can cook a decent meal when we’re out. With a smaller stove it can be quite a hassle to combine all the ingredients and still have a warm meal, so I rather carry a little more on these occasions. As I’m a pasta lover I’m a big fan of the insulated pouch that comes with the Primetech stove. I’ll just place the pot with the boiled pasta in the pouch and it stays hot, leaving us plenty of time to cook the vegetables on the other pot. Cooking proper food makes me slow down a bit too, something I can allow myself on these types of adventures.

        I also love it when climbing a technical mountain in good company, ending the day tired but satisfied at the hut, drinking a beer, enjoying good food and laughing about all the sketchy moments we encountered during the day. Getting home safe is always the goal, but there is nothing wrong with a bit of excitement along the way, because an adventure starts when stuff doesn’t go as planned.

        Jeffrey Witter
        Adventurer & climber


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