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        Retired for a Reason

        Lars Löwenborg

        Lars was born in Stockholm but moved out to the countryside when he retired a few years ago. When he was younger he did a lot of hiking in the Swedish mountains, always wearing gumboots and jeans. Nowadays a walk along the sea with the dog Django and his wife Lene is his favourite kind of outdoor experience. Preferably with a cup of coffee somewhere along the way. 

        I recently retired – one of the best things I’ve ever done. My wife and I moved to our country house, just close to the coastline and left the city for nature. This new situation offers an outdoor life that makes me feel more active, even though I don’t go for long hikes as I did before. Combining this active outdoor life with cooking has become my passion and part of a new lifestyle. Now I finally have the time to be patient – I plan, prepare and cook for as many hours as I want to. 

        My favourite seasoning when cooking in the outdoors is the smoke of fire which makes the Aeril Grill my favourite Primus product. On a perfect day, when the wind blows from the west and the sun is out, I’ll bring some firewood to the ocean and place myself on our drift wood bench. Methodically I build a fire big enough for some vegetables and two steaks. And there I sit, observing the waves rolling in and seagulls flying by, or just staying mesmerized by the flames of the fire. 

        My wife joins me when it's time for grilling. We sit next to each other on our bench, using an old milk crate as our table and we eat and talk about our day. It's just as if the sound of the sea and the warmth from the fire open up and give life to the conversations. And then, sometimes just all of a sudden, the sun sets and we get a little too cold to stay outside. To loose myself in a moment like this is really my reason.

        Lars Löwenborg
        Retired Psykologist
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