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        Steady for a Reason

        Magnus Kalstad Forseth

        Growing up with parents that enjoy outdoor adventures, it’s easy to become an outdoor person oneself. From small adventures on small legs to slightly bigger - trail cycling, hiking and skiing has become a big part of Magnus' everyday life and today he both lives close to the outdoors and works within the outdoor industry. He has a bachelor's degree in outdoor life and is one in our team in the Fenix ​​Outdoor group. Although he’s passionate about having a rich outdoor life, the most important thing for Magnus right now is to give his kids the same chance of enjoying nature and outdoor life as he got.

        In the middle of the valley, surrounded by mountains, I am sitting on a sleeping pad together with my family. I can hear the loud roar from the river running through the gorge on one side and the kids calling for pancakes on the other, yet this is my free space. A place where I find peace and tranquility. It really doesn’t matter where I am or what I do, as long as I'm outside. But we enjoy going here, to Indre Troms in northern Norway.

        I'm so incredibly happy that my parents' love of nature has been passed on to me. It has enriched my life and had a huge impact on my bond with nature and my way of life. One of the most beautiful things at the moment is to be able to give my kids the same opportunity that I had - to create their own free space in nature. With kids, exploring is more on a micro-level in comparison to before. They see things I don’t see and normally we don’t have to travel this far to be able to fill the day with outdoor explorations. But sometimes we pack up for longer trips and watching them play here in the valley means a lot to me. Surrounded by mountains, they climb their own hills and challenge their own boundaries. Until it's time for food, then it's time to deliver.

        I always carry the Gravity stove with me when out with the family. It’s steady enough for large pots, but now when the children are screaming for pancakes, it’s time for the frying pan to shine. From their hands they show me a dried blueberry, some wild rabbit poop and a few straws of grass "here is for the jam" they say with big smiles on their faces. I long for when they scream just as loud for grilled trout and mashed potatoes as it’s my favorite and also because it means they’ve got patience enough to go fishing with me. But we’ll probably have to wait a few years for that. Now, when leaning back towards a rock, with a pancake in my hand, there is no stress, the trout can wait.  

        Magnus Kalstad Forseth
        Fenix Hardware Manager

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