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        Bartending for a Reason

        Mija Dropuljić

        Mija lives in a town called Rijeka in Croatia where she works as a journalist and content creator. One of her strongest sides is to live in the present and see positively on things. Nature is her therapy and by spending time outdoors she can disconnect from everyday challenges and problems. She also tries to bring people closer to nature with her hiking blog called "Under dreamskies" as she believes nature should be an essential part of everyone’s life.

        I remember exactly that one sunrise on Velebit in Croatia – a beautiful moment that became even more perfect when a fellow mountaineer handed me freshly brewed coffee. I got this crazy idea that I wanted to drink warm coffee on every top I reach and by a coincidence, I came across Primus cooker – a small and compact wonder that turns any stay in nature into a real joy.

        In addition to being practical, what sets this stove apart from others is its power and speed. I don’t even have time to turn around and fetch the milk and the coffee is made. Something that is important to me for two reasons: when temperatures are low, it’s important to eat or drink something warm as soon as possible; and when temperatures are ideal, I just want to enjoy my cup of coffee as soon as possible.

        The Lite+, however, has one drawback – I often turn into a mountaineering bartender because absolutely everyone want their own cup of fresh coffee. Fortunately, the water heats up quickly!

        Mija Dropuljić
        Journalist & Blogger


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