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        Anywhere, anytime - for a Reason

        Miklos Schnitzer

        Miklós lived his first 16 years in the Rába region in Hungary. He later moved to Győr where he still lives today. He had a very exciting childhood with plenty of time in nature. Something he believes helped shape the his current outdoor lifestyle. Today, bushcrafting, hiking and wild camping are all big parts of Miklós life and we are proud to have him as our brand ambassador in Hungary. 

        I remember my childhood very well. When kids today lives for the online world, I used to live for the outdoor world. We explored every nearby forests and fields from morning to evening. My father is a great fisherman and he used to take me out on the boat where we camped overnight sometimes. While he fished, I explored the beauties of nature. My childhood was very exciting, which is probably the starting point of my current outdoor life. Wherever life took me, I somehow always managed incorporate nature. I used to do that instinctively, but now it is a conscious effort.

        For me, being in nature is the ultimate experience. If I had to choose a perfect day, I would definitely go to a forest, near a stream. A great view is the icing on the cake. I love camping or even sleeping under the bare sky and of course cooking. Besides the need of eating, cooking outdoors gives you a taste experience that is totally unique. It’s a basic thing. I love to cook and eat, so I almost never come home from the woods without making at least one hot meal or drink. For that reason, I always keep my Mimer Stove in my backpack. It’s quick and easy but perhaps most importantly, I can use it anywhere and anytime.

        A couple of weeks ago we hiked on the Blue Trai, my wife and I. We passed through such a beautiful route that we haven’t been able to stop talking about since. Sometimes it’s nice to spend time alone in nature, but I would have regretted not sharing that route with anyone else! I’m lucky that the love of my life shares my views - and in return I make her a good cup of coffee on the Mimer every time. The crowning glory of such a trip for me is always the cooking, sometimes in the form of a simple meal, sometimes with an gastronomic touch!

        Miklós Schnitzer



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