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        Step up the game for a Reason

        Stefan Lundgren

        Stefan cooks by the words "there is always a reason behind every meal and your cooking should always adust accordingly". After years of food adventures in the Swedish mountains together with his sled dogs, Stefan moved back to where he once grew up. Here he built a tiny house, started to grow his own produce, and claims he never feels the urge to go anywhere else. For Stefan, this is enjoying nature for real.  

        I was on my way to Stockholm and the fine dining world for a while, but the voice within whispered elsewhere. Instead, I acquired 18 sled dogs, moved north and made a living on taking tourist to the mountains, cooking high class food over open fire. An amazing life, but I missed not being able to grow my own produce. So, a couple of years ago, I moved down to the forests near where I once grew up. I built myself a small house on a fruitful plot and today I can finally call myself self-sufficient.

        I’ve realized that I don’t need more than 18 sqm of living space when nature is right outside the door. The forests around here, the calm lake below the house and being able to cultivate the land has become my calling. I don’t have to be anywhere else. I do not want to be anywhere else. To wake up with the sun, go for a barefoot-walk and then cook and enjoy my breakfast outdoors is a luxury I’ve happily been getting used to. I keep my Tupike Stove outdoors under roof all year round, always ready to serve me a cup of coffee or a tasty omelette. The easily adjustable flames on Tupike makes it possible to cook more advanced food, something I really appreciate.

        For me, there is always a reason behind every meal and I usually ask myself why I want or need to eat right there and then; is it for the experience, to fill a hungry tummy or am I cold or tired? And I adapt my cooking for it. Regardless the reason, I always try to create a meal that’s a little above expectations and it‘s always exciting when someone comes by and I need to step up the game a little. For those occasions I pick edible flowers to garnish the omelet with, grind fresh coffee beans and serve at a spot in the sun. Then life is nothing but perfect.

        Stefan Lundgren
        Outdoor chef


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