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        Vegan - for a Reason

        Sunna Neuféglise

        Sunna is a Dutch actress born in Middelburg, the Netherlands. After a move to Amsterdam, she realized how much she missed the beach, the sea, the openness of the fields and the green surroundings of her home town, and so she moved back. Living in the middle of the city, but with an allotment garden close by, she spend most of her free time there. Alone, with family or with friends. Usually a lot of tea, freshly baked cookies or pie and handpicked berries are involved.

        I enjoy spending time in nature together with my love and we often go on trips to see different surroundings. I love all the beautiful views and sunsets we’ve seen. We often bring one of our stoves so we can enjoy nature also while cooking and eating. I prefer the Tupike stove as the design is so slim, but it holds the power of a bigger stove. When we’re on the beach or out on an open field the windshields are great. I only prepare plantbased meals. Besides a lot of vegetables I like to make scrambled tofu with curry seasoning. It has a lot of flavor and a lot of protein.

        To take better care of the earth and all its inhabitants I started eating vegan a few years ago. I try to travel as much by bike, skates or train as possible. I have also been planting a lot of trees and sown a lot of flowers. Both In my garden, but also in our street, to make it all more attractive for insects and birds. For me it’s very important that we treat nature with care. I think it’s our responsibility towards all life on earth and future generations.

        Sunna Neuféglise

        Actress & Model


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