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        Go for a walk - for a Reason

        Tom Jutzler

        Tom loves the fresh air. When he was a child in the 1980s his parents called it “going for a walk”. What started as compulsory exercise quickly became a passion. Being outside – at any time of year and in any weather – just feeling the wind, heat, cold and the pure scent of the natural landscape. That’s what counts and that’s also why he turned his love of the outdoors into his job: travelling writer and photographer. And he never gets tired of pushing his own daughters out of the door either. Whether they want to or not. But more and more often they do. Especially when the outdoor kitchen is packed and ready to go! 

        Whenever time allows we pack our aluminium case with the outdoor stove onto the back of our old, two-cabin camper van and head off to the forest or down to the river. These daytrips out in nature, with a cooking session included, allow us to recharge our batteries. Roaming, running around, getting properly dirty and feeling wild and free. That’s when we realise how little it takes to be happy! Just us, the birds singing and a simple meal. That’s also why camping is the only type of family holiday we ever think about.

        Our most faithful companion is the Tupike Stove. Whether it’s a day trip or a summer holiday, it has enough power to cook for a family of four. And – something that’s pretty essential for those who cook a lot of spaghetti with tomato sauce – it’s fantastically easy to clean! 
        The family’s favourite dish is American pancakes. The kids can make those themselves. And a soft goat’s cheese yoghurt dip with honey to go with them and some freshly cut mint. While those thick pancakes are sizzling in the pan, there’s already an espresso warming on the second burner for us parents. Heaven. 

        Tom Jutzler
        Travelling writer & photographer


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