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        Cooking over open fire with Kamoto

        The taming of fire was an important step in our history. With fire we were able to refine our way of preparing what we ate, from raw food to well prepared meals. Today we rely on our electronic kitchen appliances and many of us have forgotten how to prepare a meal outdoors. Cooking over open fire does not have to be limited to grilled dishes like meat, chicken or fish. Instead, use your imagination and embrace your inner master chef.

        Kamoto Open Fire Pit takes the concept of "camp fire" to a new level. Whether on wet or dry ground, with Kamoto you can create a camp fire feeling where ever you are. Should the ground actually be dry, you can always trust the metal plate to protect the ground from the fireheat. Kamoto is also easy to pack and carry. A grilling grate is included for easier cooking whether your place your ingredients directly on the grill or in a pot on top of it.

        Let our Kamoto Open Fire Pit make your cooking easier on your winter adventures!

        Exciting recipe tips:

        Grilled Onions (Serves 2)

        2 leeks
        2 red onions
        1 tbsp parsley
        Olive oil
        Salt and pepper


        1. Place leeks and red onions on the grill and cook until outer layer is quite scorched.
        2. Remove leeks and onions and let rest on a cutting board for a little while.
        3. Cut onions and leeks down the middle, remove the scorched outer layers to take out the inner cores. Cut these into smaller pieces.
        4. Drizzle with olive oil. Sprinkle with parsley, salt and pepper.

        (Recipe: Henrik Orre, Outside is Free, a food and cycle adventure with Vélochef)



        Lamb Sausage with Mashed Potatoes (Serves 2)

        3-4 fresh lamb sausages (depending on size)
        10-12 small mild onions
        1 tbsp coarse mustard
        Olive oil for frying

        Mashed potatoes recipe

        300 gram peeled almond potatoes
        1 dl whipping cream
        1 dl milk
        1 tbsp butter
        Salt and black pepper
        2 tbsp cut spring onions for garnish


        1. Peel and cut onions down the middle. Fry together with the lamb sausages.
        2. Boil potatoes until tender.
        3. Mash the potatoes. Stir down whipping cream, milk and butter.
        4. Add salt and black pepper to taste.
        5. Garnish sausages with a dab of mustard and mashed potatoes with a sprinkle of cut spring onions.

        (Recipe: Henrik Orre, Outside is Free, a food and cycle adventure with Vélochef)



        Smoked Chicken with Baked Pointed Cabbage (Serves 2)

        2 chicken breasts
        1/2 head of pointed cabbage
        Olive oil (for frying)
        Salt and black pepper
        Pastry brush (or a twig from a pine tree)
        Smoker box
        Smoker chips
        Juniper twigs
        Thyme and rosemary twigs
        Aluminium foil


        1. Prepare the smoker box with smoker chips and twigs of juniper and herbs. Close the lid and place on the grill over the fire to heat up.
        2. Season chicken breast with salt and pepper. Brush with olive oil. Place in smoker box and replace the lid.
        3. Leave chicken in smoker box for about 10 minutes. Then grill the chicken until browned.
        4. Season pointed cabbage with salt and pepper. Add dabs of butter. Then wrap in aluminium foil and place the package over the fire. Bake until cabbage is tender.
        5. Brush carrots with olive oil. Season with salt.Place on grill and cook until tender.
        6. Sprinkle with grated parmesan cheese and serve.

        (Recipe: Henrik Orre, Outside is Free, a food and cycle adventure with Vélochef)



        Fried Eggs with Bacon (Serves 2)

        2 eggs
        1 package of bacon
        2 sausages 
        1 big tomato

        Why not prepare a simple and easy meal that works well for both breakfast and lunch. Don't forget to season with salt and pepper to your taste!



        Pancakes with Blueberries and Grated Coconut (Serves 2)

        3 dl milk
        1 1/2 dl Flower
        1 egg
        10 gram butter
        1/4 tsp salt

        Serve with frozen (or fresh) blueberries and grated coconut.



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