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        Potato Rösti with bacon

        By Jesper Rais


        For 2 people
        • 200 g watered down grated potatoes
        • 25 g butter
        • Salt and pepper
        • Bacon in slices


        Peel and grate the potatoes roughly at home, rinse thoroughly and place in a food box with cold water. Change water once or twice. When on camp site, remember to squeeze out all the water before you start frying. 

        Fry the bacon slices on a dry frying pan until golden and crispy. Put aside. Add the butter to the bacon fat and melt on low heat. Divide the fat for frying your rösti. Spread the grated potatoes evenly over the entire frying pan and press it out into a large thick "pancake". When the rösti turns golden, turn it up on a plate with the fried side down and then toss it back into the pan to fry the other side.

        Season with salt and pepper before serving it with the bacon on top.

        Make sure you use a decent amount of fat in the frying pan to get a crispy rösti. Serve with fried eggs, fried onions and garnish with edible flowers and leaves.

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