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        Primus Essential Trail Stove DUO

        Item no.: P351140
        VAT included
        34.95 EUR
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        Essential trails stove DUO

        End users were at the forefront of our minds when we developed the Essential Trail Stove. Named the Essential Trail Stove because our belief that this stove will become an important and essential product for both camping novices and experienced outdoor cooks. The stove is based on our patented Laminar Flow Burner technology that creates an extremely compact burner, contributing to a sturdier stove when compared to other top-mounted stoves (which often become wobbly). The pot support is mounted in a way that provides the flame with wind protection and always stays open, ready to be used. The Essential Trail Stove is equipped with our latest control valve, allowing for a more precise flame adjustment than ever before.

        Technical details
        112 g
        1 - 2
        108 mm
        60 mm
        90 mm
        Boiling time for 1 l
        3.5 min
        A Greener Choice
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