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        Primus has gas for all seasons and purposes. We offer three different gas mixtures for different conditions: Summer Gas, Power Gas and Winter Gas, in order to optimize the energy and effectiveness when and where you need it. Power Gas is our most versatile blend, delivering excellent power even around 0° C. Summer Gas is optimized for maximum fuel efficiency in hot conditions up to temperatures to 40° C. For cold temperatures we have created Winter Gas that works effectively down to -22° C.



        Winter Gas

        Gas that works down to -22 ° C

        Everybody who has used a gas cartridge stove in cold conditions knows this: the lower the temperature, the poorer the performance of the stove. In cold conditions the cartridge pressure decreases under use making the stove run with less power or not at all. Even though the cartridge might have fuel left in it! Why? Liquefied gas doesn’t evaporate properly the colder it gets.

        How does it work?

        The main innovation behind Primus Winter Gas ™ cold weather performance is the Vapour Mesh™ a highly absorbent paper inside the cartridge that will keep the pressure higher making the stove run better. The VaporMesh increases the surface on which the liquid fuel can evaporate into gas state. The increased surface makes the change from Liquid to gas faster and the speed of this process is what determines the pressure inside the cartridge. Compared to conventional cartridges this makes it work in conditions when it was previously hard to use gas fuels.

        In comparison

        When comparing two totally new, full cartridges (one of our old Power Gas and one Winter gas) the difference is not very notable since the pressure is high in both but as the fuel inside the cartridge is consumed the difference becomes more and more evident. With “normal” cartridges in cold conditions the canister pressure decreases under use, making the stove run with less power or not at all. This is obvious when using a cartridge that is not full.After using a cartridge for 60 minutes of cooking, a Winter Gas cartridge is approximately 9 % more powerful than one without VaporMesh. After 120 minutes of use it delivers about 15 % more power.

        The Winter Gas has been awarded with an “OutDoor Industry Award GOLD” at the trade show OutDoor 2014 for proving their innovation and drive in combustion and heating. This award Is regarded as one of the most prestigious awards worldwide – with only seven Gold winners in total in 2014. The Winter Gas was also announced winner of "Camping Equipment" and "Product of the Year" during the Outdoor Trade Show 2014, UK's largest outdoor show. In 2015 the Winter Gas was also announced "Editors' Choice" by the Outdoor Magazine. 


        Summer Gas

        At temperatures of +15°C and above a conventional gas blend will overpower most stoves making them less efficient, resulting in higher fuel consumption than needed. Primus Summer Gas is optimized for summer conditions and temperatures close to +40° C and thus, the gas will stay efficient even in really hot conditions.

        Power Gas

        Power Gas is our most versatile blend, delivering excellent power from spring to fall. Even if the temperature drops below freezing it stills provides sufficient pressure to run a stove. Its versatility makes it suitable for situations where the weather and temperature conditions are uncertain.


        Primus gas is a carbon dioxide neutral fuel. To compensate for the carbon dioxide emissions from the gas and the metal cartridge, we support a project that helps households in Uganda, one of the poorest countries in the world, to go greener. 

        By subsidizing and making fuel-efficient stoves accessible for everyone, inefficient firewood or charcoal stoves are replaced and the emission of greenhouse gas is reduced by 1.5 ton of CO2 per stove per year. The high rate of deforestation is lowered, which can prevent draughts and floods. Families benefit from cleaner indoor air and lower energy costs. Less time for collection firewood is needed, which allows girls to go to school and women to pursue income-generating activities.

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