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        Car Camping Cooking Pro-Tips: 5 steps for a great meal

        Cooking at home in your own kitchen can be a cinch, everything is within reach and you have what you need to get the food the way you want it. But transferring your cooking knowledge from the kitchen to the car can be a challenge.

        Cooking outside, you’re limited by what you bring. You also have a lot variables that you can’t control. A gust of wind can kick up any time. And we’ve all been harassed by an annoying little critter looking for an easy meal.

        The more potential problems you can mitigate beforehand, the better your car camping cooking experience will be. Here are a few pro tips that’ll help elevate your car camping cooking game.

        1. Mimic your own kitchen

        Stick with what you know. Use as many of the same utensils you use at home for the car. This one is simple: you know exactly how these tools feel and perform. It’ll lessen the learning curve and help you feel like you’re right back in your kitchen.

        2. Make sure you have a large cooking area

        Give yourself space to work. Just because you cook outdoors does not mean you have to sit on the ground and use grass or gravel as a workbench. Designate a space for cooking on the picnic table, tailgate, or blanket on the ground. People can still hang out where you’re cooking, but they won’t be in your way. You can also invest in a foldable table to give yourself even more space. 

        3. Prepare at home

        Take care of as much cooking as you can at home. Prepare and pack spice mixes and marinades, pre-fry meat and dry vegetables. That way, you won’t have to stress so much about ingredients getting old or cooking raw meat all the way through in variable conditions.

        4. Good Equipment

        Choose camping stoves and high-quality equipment that are compact. A stove with wind protection and handles, stackable cookware in stainless steel or cast iron, utensils with storage and containers to help keep your things in order.

        5. Accept that nothing ever looks as good in real life as it does online

        Even though that recipe looks amazing online it’s probably not going to look like that when you cook it. These folks are professionals, staging every shot, who oftentimes eat their food cold because it took them so long to stage every shot. Not to mention that they’ve practiced the recipe multiple times to ensure they get the exact look they want. Don’t stress about how it looks. Enjoy the time you took to cook it up and eating your delicious meal while it’s still hot. And enjoy the surroundings you have the luxury of eating at.

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